Rose Jones

Life and Accountability Coach

About Rose Jones

Rose Jones is someone who inspires women through her story of being a survivor of domestic violence. She is honest and straightforward, keeping it real with her audience about the struggle she is facing. She prides herself on telling her truth and creating a safe space for other women to do the same. She has accomplished a lot in her life. She is a mother of 4 beautiful children, a certified life and accountability coach, certified in several courses on domestic violence and trauma recovery, and graduated from college. But she does not let that define who she is. She knows her life is her power and that her worth comes from who she is, not what she accomplished, experienced, or gained.

Her goal is to help other women who have experienced similar experiences like domestic violence, trauma, and self–hate to understand their worth, embrace their stories, and heal from the traumatic situation through self-love, self-awareness, and community belongingness. What makes her an expert in this field is that she doesn’t consider herself a highly expert; she is just a woman trying to help another woman get her life back. She says, “God is the true expert. He’s just living out his purpose through Me” – Rose Jones.

More about ROSE JONES…

Rose Jones experienced a great deal of adversity, violence, and abuse throughout her life from childhood to adulthood. As a result of all these experiences left her in a place where she was unable to express herself, unable to love herself, unable to trust, and unable to love others in a healthy way. She found herself in a place of darkness and silence. She stayed in this place for a long time. Until one day, she realized that her unhealthy decision was affecting her children. She had to make a choice to "continue the way she has been or to break out". She decided to break out, she knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but it needs to be done.

So she embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Wherein, she educated herself on domestic violence, trauma, communication, and personal development. She also became a certified Life and Accountability coach. During this journey, she realized that there were so many women and children stuffing the same way. She felt that something needed to be done, but there was one problem. She didn’t know where to start, what to do, or how she could actually help these people. All she knew is that she was one woman, with one voice, and she had something to say. Then she realizes that her voice is the only way to set herself free while helping others do the same.

So she created "Let Rose Speak", a platform where she allows women the freedom to be themselves, speak without judgment, and get the help they need to love themselves. Rose works every day to help make every moment in the lives of other women worthwhile.

Founder of A Sista Love Community.

This is Community for Women who longs to speak out about their experiences or survival from Trauma and Domestic Violence that affects their mental health and social capacity.


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Rose Jones

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