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Rosy Safety Keychains

What makes Rosy Safety Keychain different?

Our Safety keychains are designed to help keep your mind, body, and spirit safe. So, we chose safety piece that we believe will effectively help you protect yourself in a non-lethal way. Our goal with the non-lethal weapon is to help you try to avoid traumatizing situations. What's included on the key chains are:

Glass Breaker,

Sanitizer holder,

Chap Stick holder,


Puffball keychain,

Body Alarm,

Defense Stick,

Inspirational Charms,

Chap Stick DIY,

Pepper spray,

Receipt Spray bottle (1 oz.) - can be used for the DIY pepper spray or hand sanitizer

Here’s how one of the self-defense keychain is being used.

I Commit to ME

"I Commit to Me" is a workbook for women who don't know where to start their journey to self-love. This workbook will help guide you through some key beginner steps you will need to learn to start and stay committed to loving yourself.

This workbook is different because it is beginner-friendly, has easy-to-follow exercises, has real-life examples, and is fillable. This is not a one-and-done e-book; it can be used over and over again. It was created to be used as a tool to help you navigate through life.

With "I Commit To Me," You'll Learn: How to keep commitments to yourself while taking courageous leaps, Focus on the positive things in your life, help find people who support you emotionally, reassure you, and keep you on track, etc. It teaches you how to forgive yourself and other in safe space becoming more conscious of your feeling, desire, and behaviors, Help start the healing process and so much more. . .

Be willing to COMMIT to Change Yourself.

How to Control Your Triggers Worksheet

Do you find yourself saying or doing things that you later regret? Do you sometimes feel an overflow of emotions you can’t control? Do you have an extreme response to some people, places, behaviors, or situations? You are definitely experiencing a trigger!

This guide will help you: - Identify your trigger

- Understand your triggers

- Help set up a 3-step plan to control the trigger

Emotional Triggers can lead to

DEPRESSION if not properly addressed.

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